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Oncology Clinical Experience Programme

21-23 Nov 2017 Leeds, UK Price: GBP 3,940 (+VAT/Taxes)

Registration advised by: Monday 16th October 2017

What is Oncology Clinical Experience?

Oncology Clinical Experience is a hospital based oncology training course and combines theoretical teaching with practical example. Physician taught lectures are combined with visits to clinics and delegates have the opportunity to interact with patients in small group sessions.

Oncology Clinical Experience offers rapid and progressive face-to-face training taught by clinician experts and the care team.  This course thoroughly equips attendees with theoretical and practical knowledge to discuss Oncology and its treatment confidently and credibly.

Participants are provided with an overview of the spectrum of malignant disease and there is unique opportunity for delegates to experience – first hand – the assessment and treatment options utilised within the overall management of patients with malignant disease. Open discussions and case presentations form a key part of the programme.

What does this oncology training include?

  • Review of the manifestation, presentation, investigation and management of a range of common solid tumour types – breast, lung, colorectal, gastrointestinal, melanoma, renal
  • Explanation of imaging techniques and radiotherapy treatment with visits to these departments
  • Examination of patient management by specialist clinicians working in these tumour areas
  • The context of cancer care including the epidemiology of cancer and factors affecting treatment choices and prescribers’ decision-making

Topics included in this oncology course:

  • Introduction to oncology and the epidemiology of cancer
  • Overview of available therapies, current chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy practice
  • Common solid tumour types breast, lung, colorectal, gastrointestinal, melanoma, renal
  • New therapeutic options in oncology including immunotherapies
  • Department visits: radiotherapy and chemotherapy suites, outpatient clinics and radiology department

Professor Chris Twelves, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK

Is this hospital based oncology course for me?

This Oncology hospital based programme is designed to meet the broad information and education requirements of a range of pharmaceutical and biotech personnel from R&D, medical affairs, regulatory, strategic marketing and many others from both science and business functions.

Accommodation for Oncology Clinical Experience.

Details of the venue will be supplied on registration.
Accommodation costs are not included in the course fee. However, Healthcare has organised a special bed and breakfast rate at our preferred hotel for delegates who require overnight accommodation – details of how to book will be provided with the joining instructions for the course. We do encourage delegates to book at this hotel, as daily transport from here to the venue will be provided.