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Immuno-Oncology: An Introductory Overview

8 Nov 2017 London, UK Price: GBP 1,430 (+VAT/Taxes)

Registration for this immuno-oncology training is advised: 2 October

What is Immuno-Oncology: An Introductory Overview?

  • A one-day face-to-face immuno-oncology training course. A programme designed to meet the educational needs of professionals from the  pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotechnology and associated industries
  • Eminent physicians and respected experts share their knowledge and experience with delegates.
  • Participants are provided with current information to better understand how tumour immunology works and how immunotherapy works in cancer medicine
  • The day is interactive throughout. Learning is encouraged through lectures, discussion and question and answer (Q&A).
  • Ideal for individuals with little understanding of immuno-oncology. Equally, beneficial to those with existing basic knowledge. Insight to immuno-oncology is enabled through detailed presentations and discussion with Healthcare’s experienced and knowledgeable faculty

What will I learn from this immuno-oncology training?

  • You will gain an overview of immuno-oncology
  • Grasp the basics of tumour immunology
  • Learn the essentials of immunotherapy and its application in cancer medicine
  • Get examples of how biologics work in the practice of oncology and the challenges presented


  • The Immune System – A Guide
  • Introduction to Immunotherapies
  • Overview of Immunotherapy in Cancer
  • An Example in Practice – Lung Cancer
  • An Example in Practice – Melanoma

Faculty includes:

Dr John Curnow, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
Dr David Chao, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
Dr Marianne Nicolson, Consultant Medical Oncologist,Aberdeen Royal Infirmary,Aberdeen, UK

Immuno-Oncology Training

Is this immuno-oncology training for me?

This immuno-oncology training is designed to meet the broad information and education requirements of a range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology personnel. It is ideal for those from R&D, medical affairs, regulatory, strategic marketing and many others from both science and business functions.