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Alzheimer’s Disease: An Overview

22 Mar 2018 London, UK Price: GBP 1,430 (+VAT/Taxes)

Registration for this Alzheimer’s Disease course is advised by: Immediate

What is Alzheimer’s Disease: An Overview?

  • A one-day training Alzheimer’s Disease course that is taught face-to-face.
  • A programme designed to meet the educational needs of professionals from the  pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotechnology and associated industries.
  • Eminent specialist physicians and respected experts share their knowledge and experience with participants.
  • Participants are provided with current information to better understand neurodegenerative disease and the neurobiology of cognitive impairment with a specific focus on Alzheimer’s Disease, its presentation and pharmacological treatment.
  • The day is interactive throughout. Lectures are interesting and inspirational, learning includes though provoking discussion and question and answer (Q&A).
  • This course provides an excellent grounding for people new to this area of medicine. Those who have already been working in this field will enhance their knowledge and benefit from the clinical perspective provided by the programme

What will I learn from this Alzheimer’s Disease course?

  • You will gain an overview of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Realise the disease from a clinical management and drug development perspective
  • Gain information on neurodegenerative disease and
  • Learn about the neurobiology of cognitive impairment
  • Recognise clinical presentation
  • Understand differential diagnosis including classification and biomarkers
  • Review current pharmacological treatment including immunotherapy
  • Discuss drugs in development

Topics included in this Alzheimer’s Disease training:

  • Dementia – relevance of early diagnosis
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – early onset and disease progression
  • Clinical presentation and differential diagnosis – classification, differential diagnosis and biomarkers
  • Pharmacological treatment including Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, NMDA receptor antagonist and immunotherapy
  • Ongoing research


Paul Francis, PhD, Professor of Neurochemistry, Director, Brains for Dementia Research, Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Disease, King’s College London, London, UK

Prof Craig W Ritchie, Professor of the Psychiatry of Ageing, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh & Visiting Professor, Imperial College London, UK

Alzheimer's Disease Course

Is this Alzheimer’s Disease course for me?

This training course is designed to meet the broad information and education requirements of a range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology personnel. It is ideal for those from R&D, medical affairs, regulatory, strategic marketing and many others from both science and business functions.