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What is Healthcare’s bespoke/onsite training?

  • High calibre programmes developed to meet your brand, market and clinical objectives
  • Appropriate for pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotech and related industries
  • High calibre, face-to-face training
  • Rapid and progressive learning
  • Therapy and business area programs offer a full overview of each subject and equip delegates to converse knowledgeably on their subject area
  • Taught by teams of leading practising clinicians and experts invited from Healthcare’s wide and established network of speakers and professionals
  • Inspirational and interactive training including lectures, discussions, case studies and question and answer sessions
  • Motivational, enjoyable, efficient and effective training reflecting current thinking and research
  • Areas of expertise include: anti-infective, cardiology, dermatology, diabetes & metabolics, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, health economics, hepatitis, HIV/AIDs, immunology, infection, metabolic disorders, neurology, oncology, pain, Parkinson’s disease, pricing & reimbursement, psychiatry, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, transplantation, tumour specific courses, urology

Where does the training take place?

Healthcare’s privately commissioned training takes place on-site at company premises or off-site at a venue of your choice. Programmes are presented  worldwide – we are currently working in the UK, Europe, US and Asia.

Clinical experience programmes

Would your team benefit from clinical exposure? If so, we will work with you to provide a therapy area clinical experience programme. Based at a hospital selected for its expertise, lectures and case studies are supported by visits to clinics, wards and laboratories. Theory and the impact of disease become real through association with patients and members of the care team.

Healthcare is proud of and renowned for its excellent quality therapy and business area programmes. We will work with you to provide a programme tailored to your company need. Contact us now info@healthcare-ed.com